Russian Federation
5, 1A21
Tool production The company designs and manufactures tooling, such as molds for plastic casting up to 1.5 tons, fixtures. The main specialization in the manufacture of tooling is the production of molds. The company also designs and manufactures cutting tools for a wide range of tasks, and specifically PCD and PCBN tools for processing steel, non-ferrous metals, composite material and wood.
  • Industrial design of products
  • Product development and engineering
  • Modelling and optimization of 3D model
  • Technological analysis of product construction
  • Injection moulds
  • Shape-generating details
  • Repair and reconstruction of moulds
  • Finishing and testing of moulds
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance


Russian Federation, 422986, г.Чистополь,, ул. Энгельса 129Т, помещение Н-1,

Phone: +880-05-004-545